Production & Services » Hair Styling & Cuts in Durango, CO

Production & ServicesGeneral Hair Store in Durango, Colorado offers several services and products for men, women, and kids. Contact us to schedule an appointment or answer any questions you have.

Family Cuts

General Hair Store offers family cuts for all ages at reasonable rates. We will make your child’s first haircut a fun and memorable experience. We also work with teens and adults to emulate trends or create a classic cut you’ll love.


Our stylists offer perms to create many types of curls from loose waves to tight spirals. We finish each perm with a ph balance treatment. We use ISO and Matrix perms. Ask our staff additional details.

Barber Cuts

We offer barber cuts in Durango for men, each with a shampoo treatment. Our stylists can also provide gentlemen’s cuts, fades and flat tops.


General Hair Store also offers several types of color treatments, from all-over color to highlights and more. We use Redken and Matrix colors. Contact our stylist team to answer specific questions you have about creating your perfect look.

Facial Wax

Our hair salon in Durango offers facial waxing services, covering one or multiple areas in the same appointment. We use gentle waxes containing moisturizers to soothe sensitive skin.


  • Biolage
  • Matrix
  • Mastey
  • ISO
  • Joico
  • Men’s Redken
  • Crew
  • Nioxin